Configurer un raid et un volume :

Réinitialiser le mot de passe par défaut en console

  • Turn off the Power to your EQL.
  • Connect the console cable and start Putty on your PC
  • Turn on the power by turning on all the power supplies.
  • While the member is restarting, press Ctrl/p when the following message appears on the console:Press Ctrl/p to enter setup mode.
    This will halt the boot process and allow you to enter commands to the boot monitor.
  • At the CFE> prompt, enter the following commands, which are case-sensitive and must be typed exactly as shown:CFE> setenv RESETPASSWORD 1 (enter)
    CFE> reload 

  • When the member restarts, the PeerStorage login prompt appears. After a short pause, the following message should appear:
    WARNING:Password recovery mode… Temporarily resetting grpadmin password.
  • If you get the previous message, log in the group using the grpadmin account and its factory-set password, grpadmin:Login: grpadmin
    Password: grpadmin
  •  At this point, you are logged in to the group with read-write permission and can perform any group administration task. At this point, you should set the grpadmin account password to a known value. Use the procedure described in the Modifying Accounts section in the Group Administration manual or use the following command:account select grpadmin passwd Enter New Password: xxxxxxx Retype password: xxxxxxx

If it dosen’t work try to connect you serial cabel to the other controller module.
Still dosen’t work give Dell a call and the can help you using the recoverpassword account.