Veeam changement du nom de la machine


Si vous changer le nom de la machine qui fait tourner Veeam, vous devez aussi modifier des clés de registre :

Backup and Recovery Server 6.5

1. Rename the server in the Windows Operating System using the usual method.
3. Change registry items
\\HKLM\Software\VeeaM\Veeam Backup and Recovery\SqlServerName
\\HKLM\Software\VeeaM\Veeam Backup Catalog\SqlServerName (Should be local)
\\HKLM\Software\VeeaM\Veeam Backup Reporting\SqlServerName (Should be local)
\\HKLM\Software\VeeaM\Veeam Backup Reporting\XMLURL (http://yourserver.yourdomain.xx)
4. Restart Server
5. Check the SQL Server name has changed.
6. Check the Veeam Services.

Enterprise Manager

1. Uninstall the Enterprise Manager from Control Panel.
2. Open IIS and delete the Self Sign Certificate for the old server name.
3. Reinstall the Enterprise Manager component. This will connect to the existing SQL database created previously and recreate a new Self Sign Certificate.
4. Open Enterprise Manager and Edit the Backup Server Settings name.